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The home of the U.S. fashion industry, New York offers fashion students a true variety of training and education programs, and aspiring designers who study there often have a career networking advantage over the hundreds of fashion school grads who come to New York after studying elsewhere. The state is home to nearly 19 million residents, representing an astonishing range of cultures, languages, and fashion needs. As the most populous city in the nation and one of the largest cities in the world, New York City has an obvious appeal to fashion school students.

The apparel industry thrives in the city, where Seventh Avenue serves as a center for its fashion trade. New York Fashion Week is an annual event closely watched by the worldwide media, as the biggest names in fashion design display their picks for the next year. Fashion design, merchandising, and marketing students can find career opportunities in export, retail trade, couture, costuming, or any other aspect of the fashion industry, simply due to the population and variety that can be found in New York City.

New York is the epicenter of the fashion world. Browse schools in White Plains and Manhattan proper.

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