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New Hampshire Fashion Heats Up a Chilly Climate

Thanks to its short, cool summers and long, cold winters, New Hampshire residents like to bundle up in style. Students in New Hampshire's fashion degree programs learn how to market for the climate, which settles in and stays below freezing for much of the winter. Fashion designers also prepare for tourists visiting the state's many skiing destinations.

New Hampshire's apparel industry catches an extra benefit from the state's lack of sales tax. Fashion retailers from nearby states often set up sales operations in New Hampshire, and shoppers travel to save on designer clothes. Fashion marketing students reap the benefits of an increased consumer base, as well as a wider job market from the retailers.

The approximately 1.2 million residents of New Hampshire enjoyed a per capita annual income of $37,835 in 2005, ranking them sixth in the nation. Between healthy incomes and tax-free shopping, fashion school students in New Hampshire have a range of options after graduation.

Launch your fashion career with a degree from a Dover, NH fashion school.

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