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Fashion Design Past and Present: Take a History Lesson in Fashion Design School

It seems that history's always repeating itself, whether in global politics or in everyday fashion design. Enrolling in fashion design school may allows you to explore the trends in fashion and apparel design throughout history and helps you design your own styles.

Today's fashion design concepts may seem cutting edge and original, but almost all fashion and apparel design is borrowed from a different era's invention. The seventies have inspired the peasant tops and bohemian styles that currently adorn city streets and an eighties resurgence carves out a punk rock niche in fashion design too. But how does a fashion design career survive if fashion history is simply repeating itself? The trick is to invent fashion and apparel design that takes a historical concept and allows it to evolve.

Understand the Fashion Moment

Fashion design reflects the movements, thoughts, and cultural climate of a certain historical moment. When you become a fashion designer, it's important to remain invested in the political and artistic happenings around you, as fashion will ultimately behave as a reflection of thought. Fashion design school explores historical trends and teaches how to build upon vintage fashion and apparel design.

Building a Strong Fashion Design Career

The fashion design career skills that lead to success come from a firm understanding of fashion history and the integration of design technology. In fashion design school you may learn to use CAD software to manipulate new modern fashion styles that retain the classic aesthetic of an earlier era.

Fundamentals of Fashion and Apparel Design

Fashion design school may also help you to explores the necessary technical and business skills needed to establish your fashion design career:

  • Sketching, pattern-making, sewing
  • Design theory
  • Marketing and Accounting
  • Retail management
  • Store merchandising

Plunge into fashion's history in fashion design school and discover how to make your own mark on today's new looks.

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