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Colorado?s Winter Sport Fashion Debut: Adidas By Stella McCartney

by Marianne Salina

Who said sportswear couldn?t be sexy? While most sports designers don?t go out of their way to make their gear unattractive, due to the technical nature of such attire, they simply are?until now. Stella McCartney and Adidas teamed up in 2005 to produce a line of sportswear that not only meets the high performance standards of female athletes, but also pays attention to contours, color, and sex appeal.

After attaining wide success with her running, gym, swim, and tennis products, Stella took on the challenge of giving the ski slopes a makeover. And what better place to showcase her efforts than Aspen, Colorado?

Winter Wear with Flair
As a longtime skiing veteran, McCartney wanted to create a stylish, technically sound winter sport line that would allow style and function to coexist. ?Most technical stuff looks baggy and masculine, and the colors are always wrong,? the designer explains. ?It?s important to me to have chic ski clothes.? By shifting the color schemes to bright, vibrant, sultry hues and harkening back to the traditional sports silhouette, McCartney threw out ski bum and reinstated ski bunny.

Colorado: Home of High Fashion Skiwear
Of course, what good is a brand new winter sports line without a proper ski party/fashion show to celebrate the goods? Never one to go quietly down the runway, Stella wisely chose the slopes of Aspen, Colorado to throw a fashion festival in the snow. With lithe models attired in metallic ski pants gliding down the hills, skating in ultra-feminine parkas, or sledding in a McCartney snowsuit--the winter wonderland extravaganza celebrated Stella?s sleek innovation.

Out with the Old, in with the New
Sometimes something as simple as a dated, ugly snowsuit can pose as inspiration for a whole new approach to skiwear. For Stella, an overall interest in revamping women?s sportswear all across the board lead her to team with Adidas and revitalize the clothing women rely upon for sport and leisure.

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