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Bold Fashion in the Windy City

by Amelia Gray
Fashion Career Center Columnist

As journalist Sara Jeannette Duncan once said: "Clothes and courage have so much to do with each other." In Chicago, courageous designers give nationwide trends a Windy City twist.

Skinny pants, still hot in malls across the country, are already an afterthought in style-conscious Chicago. "Don't talk to women here about skinny pants," say fashion columnists Samantha Critchell, Tara Burghart, and Sandy M. Cohen of The Chicago Sun-Times. "That's one trend that may be plentiful on Chicago area clearance racks in a few months."

This active metropolis keeps designers thinking on their feet. One of the most important aspects of a fashion design school is the ability it gives students to anticipate and react to fast-moving trends. Style moves fast in Chicago, and training in the patterns, cuts, and history of fashion allows designers to reinvent themselves every season.

Local Fashion Guru Inspires
The surprise fall trend in Chicago is dresses paired with opaque tights. "Dresses are great because they're so versatile," says Stacy Wallace-Albert, the Style and Shopping editor for Chicago magazine. In addition to her professional editing job, Stacy runs her own Chicago-based personal fashion editing business. She gives shopping and style advice for women looking to update their look or learn the basics of a new dress code.

Stacy's fashion editing process looks a lot like a typical fashion design school course on client communication. She learns about the client's tastes and preferences, and determines the strengths and weaknesses of their wardrobe. From there, she works with the client to revitalize their style on a budget.

Stacy's one-on-one editing starts at $600 for a four-hour minimum consultation, or clients can opt for a full day of closet organization and shopping for $1500. For her clients, Stacy's fashion training and experience is worth every penny.

Design for Every Season
Chicago's fashion designers take their cues from New York, and make it work for the Midwest. The layered look will survive a windy Chicago winter, and designers are already looking towards Spring. Anticipating trends is one of the most important aspects of the industry, and trained fashion designers know how to translate the hottest fashions to any climate.

About the Author
Amelia Gray is a teacher and freelance writer in San Marcos, TX. Amelia earned a Bachelor?s Degree in English Literature from Arizona State University.

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