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Trends and Tips in Toronto's Vibrant Fashion Community

by Amelia Gray
FashionCareerCenter Columnist

Julie Gabriel knows all about Toronto's fashion mistakes, and she's not afraid to share.
"Leave it to chic Manhattanites in 'Sex And The City' to show off bare legs with Manolos when it's about to snow," she writes in a recent Fashion Monitor Toronto article. "Sheer tights will look stylish enough and keep your assets warm and healthy."

Cold-weather tips like this make sense in chilly Toronto, where the temperature typically dips below freezing in the winter months, but the columns on Fashion Monitor Toronto go beyond weather tips. Fashion design school students always benefit when they stay abreast of local fashion trends and designers. Toronto's size and proximity to New York keep the fashion culture fresh and current from season to season. Tunics were a recent must-have fashion item in Toronto, along with local designers like Ariel Garten, Kavi Kavi, Philippe Dubuc, and Shelli Oh.

A Fashionable Toronto Co-Op
In a city that prides itself on grassroots initiatives and co-operative efforts, Toronto's Fashion Incubator fits in perfectly. The group helps new designers, entrepreneurs, and fashion design school students develop their creativity and business skills through networking and consulting services. Outreach members have accesses to an in-house resource center, while Residents have their own studio space, access to industrial equipment, and access to a mentoring program.

New designers should always have mentoring and internship programs in mind. Getting close to fashion in Toronto could mean landing an internship in one of the many design houses in the city, working with designers during Toronto Fashion Week, or completing one of the many educational programs in the city.

Toronto Fashion Incubator Residents

  • Karamea, creator of beautifully unique, high-end women's wear
  • Nada, who creates provocative female silhouettes with sensual fabrics
  • Juma, founded by Alia and Jamil Juma for women's and men's ready-to-wear

Past and current residents have been featured in The Look, Style Magazine, and Elle Canada. In a city that values its fashion designers, co-ops like the Fashion Incubator is a natural outlet. The fashion industry has always been big in Toronto; by 1986, fashion-related industry was the largest industrial employer in the city. Today, the industry has a permanent place in the hearts of Toronto's fashionable residents.

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