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Fashion Stylist Rachel Zoe: Hollywood's Trendsetter

by Marianne Salina
Fashion Career Center Columnist

She is credited with crafting the styles of Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, and Keira Knightly, among others. Hollywood glamour girl Rachel Zoe is the famous stylist who has used the red carpet to shift the direction of fashion design.

Slinky gowns, oversized sunglasses, skinny hips, and toothpick arms are the coveted look of the moment, and it seems to be Zoe's very own style that many of her celebrity clients emulate. Zoe is Hollywood's current "It Girl" when it comes to style. Her $6,000-a-day fee for helping "her girls" find the right looks proves just how priceless good fashion really is.

Style Success: Sculpting Fashion Design with a Purpose
Rachel Zoe is one of the world's most famous stylists--a status that may have been unfathomable ten years ago. Thanks to the retail revenue that celebrities gain from their red carpet showings, a stylist's job is now considered critical to the fashion market. For Zoe, inspiration is rooted in 1970s glam--the look of hard-partying disco kids whose sex appeal emanates from their lifestyle as much as it does their clothes. For this reason, thin is also intrinsic to the look of the season (what else is new?).

In the Know: Zoe Finds Hollywood
Whether or not you agree with the aesthetic that Zoe and others in the fashion market are currently selling, it's hard not to envy their jobs. As a stylist, Zoe helps her clients project a specific image--a collection of clothing, hairstyle, accessories, and products that allow them to dazzle their way down the streets and onto the red carpets of Hollywood.

Fashion Design School: Learning How to Style
Fashion design school isn't just for the dressmaker or the jeans designer--it's also for folks like you who want to play a role in trendsetting and creating new fashion concepts. Also, since many fashion design schools share connections with local design houses and magazines, there are often opportunities available for internships and styling experience. Help shift the winds of fashion and give Zoe a run for her money.

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