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Poleci: California's Fashion Design Powerhouse

by Marianne Salina

It hasn't always been easy for California to be taken seriously as a key player in fashion design. With major forces in the industry such as Paris, Milan, and New York often dominating the scene with the newest talent and latest fashion trends, it came as a lovely and welcome surprise when Poleci emerged from Los Angeles with a sleek, upscale, high-fashion flair. At last, California offers more than a well-crafted bikini!

A silk halter dress from Poleci
A silk halter dress
from Poleci

A Vision of Sophistication
Vivid, colorful patterns, luxurious fabrics, and praise-worthy simplicity encompass the general appeal of Poleci, a line of women's clothing founded by sisters Diane Levin and Janice Levin-Krok. Originally from South Africa, the sisters moved to LA with a desire to create an upscale line of hip, contemporary clothing that would include clean, signature slip dresses, low-slung trousers, and silhouette jackets for women who craved sophisticated style.

World Class Design Generates Mass Appeal
Not long after Poleci's 1990 inception, the LA line began to expand a bit, incorporating leather, sweater knits, and an exclusive collection of dresses and shoes under their name. The sisters also brought on designer Tom Nguyen to assist production. The high-quality glamorous pieces grabbed the attention of local women, celebrities, and international retailers, bringing the label into over 800 luxury department stores worldwide.

California's Day in the Sun
Poleci's fashion design team have clearly done a few things right since they began. Not only have they averaged around 120 pieces for each season and generated over $10 million in sales, but in 1997, Poleci also won the prestigious California Designer of the Year Award, proving that the golden state can indeed produce a formidable fashion name.

Find Your Success in Fashion Design School
Matching the Poleci success story is every fashion designer's dream, perhaps posing a few critical questions: How do you learn to create patterns that flatter a silhouette and function in a woman's multi-faceted lifestyle? How do you discover ways to market your label and gain consumer attention? Fashion design school is your best answer to many of these questions.

With courses covering the basics in pattern-making, fashion design software, business and marketing, and retail management--just to name a few--you will find instruction and valuable tools to guide you toward success.

Poleci: Architect of California's Fashion Landscape