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Perfectly Imperfect Fashion Design: Earnest Sewn Jeans

by Marianne Salina

As the obsession with premium denim continues, the pursuit for unique, detail-saturated jeans only intensifies. Hundreds of fashion designers have come and gone in the denim frenzy and only a handful remain as hot contenders in the battle for sexy, $200+, all-American jeans.

Scott Morrison, founder of Earnest Sewn Jeans is one fashion designer who successfully rides the denim wave and remains ahead of his competition. What is his secret? A combination of Golf, Wabi-Sabi, and a commitment to classic Americana fashion design is what he?ll tell you.

The Tao of Golf: Discovering His Fashion Fetish
Scott Morrison attended college with a golf scholarship in Seattle, Washington. Whether it was his focus on a steady backswing or the importance of classic sportswear, somewhere on the golf courses of Washington, a passion for the clothing industry was aroused.

Playing with Fashion?s Big Dogs
Morrison played golf professionally for a bit before plunging into the fashion scene to work under Seattle-based designer Derek Anderson. He took an interest in denim, starting Paper Denim & Cloth Jeans and also attempting to revive Mudd Jeans. During this time, Morrison also began to develop his own signature cut, sew, and wash. He focused on the following design characteristics:

  • Each jean is made individually
  • Numerous levels of processing and hand-detailing
  • Intentionally incorporating imperfections

Fashion + Flaws = Fabulous
Perhaps Morrison?s greatest contribution to the world of denim is his adherence to the Japanese aesthetic system called Wabi-Sabi. At its core, Wabi-Sabi finds that beauty is found in ?all things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete,? thus Morrison allows for variation in his designs. For consumers of Earnest Sewn, the Wabi-Sabi philosophy is what ensures they are purchasing a distinctive pair of denim--a priceless commodity these days.

Fashion Design School: Where Theory Meets Practice
Who knows how long the reign of Earnest Sewn will last, or the duration of denim fever, for that matter. What will remain is the continuous craving for uniquely beautiful clothing. Fashion design school imparts critical craftsmanship techniques and encourages you to bring your own creativity to each project. Earnestness helps, but knowing how to give your clothes signature style is the key to staying on top.

Earnest Sewn

About the Author
Marianne Salina has a B.A. in Literature and Creative Writing and enjoys researching and discussing the myriad of fashion design pursuits in her columns.