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Designer Gives New Orleans High Fashion Bridal Makeover

by Marianne Salina
Fashion Career Center Columnist

Vera Wang isn't the only talent for sculpting stunning bridal gowns--in fact her competition happens to reside in the city of New Orleans. Suzanne Perron, a Louisiana native, grew up watching her mother and grandmother sew costumes and quickly developed a love for fabric and fashion design. Raised in the vibrant New Orleans culture where debutante balls, weddings, and local galas spare no detail, Perron developed a passion for dresses, and consequently, set out to become a fashion designer.

Fashion Design School in the Big Apple Reveals True Talent
Perron launched her fashion design career in college when she completed an apparel design degree in Louisiana. Realizing she could attain more industry experience in New York, Perron made a bold leap to the Big Apple, where she enrolled in a fashion design school. It was during her formal training that she learned where her talents lie: "I soon realized that my true passion and gift was in draping, pattern making, and construction."

Making Valuable Connections through Fashion Design School
Perron's knack for gown construction won the attention of her peers, supervisors, and the New York fashion community. Shortly before her graduation, acclaimed fashion designer Carolina Herrera observed Perron's gift with formal attire and invited her to interview for a position with her design team. One meeting later, Perron began work for Herrera, slowly building her resume with names like Anna Sui and Vera Wang to follow.

Returning to Design Roots
After thirteen years working alongside the major fashion names in New York, Perron began to miss her hometown of New Orleans. Fortunately, moving back home and starting a gown design company was fairly simple, thanks to a well-seasoned background within the industry. She now runs a successful business, serving the debutants and brides of New Orleans.

Choosing a Path Paved with Success
Perron's training and connections enabled her to experience different design houses, learn new techniques, and eventually start her own company. But her success is no exception to the rule. With the valuable coursework, internships, and connections that are available to you in design programs, consider fashion design school a springboard for launching your career.

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