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Miami's Orangia: The Joyful Air of Fashion

by Elizabeth Armentor

Janelle Funair and Rodrigo Londono named their label Orangia because orange is the color of a woman's aura when she's happy. The word "orangio" is a combination of the Italian and Spanish words for the color orange, reflecting Funair's Italian heritage and Londono's homeland of Colombia. Their label is integral to the burgeoning Miami fashion scene.

Comfortable Sophistication
When Janelle Funair tired of the uncomfortable, fitted clothing so common to high fashion labels, she decided to launch a label that revolved around pieces that were as comfortable as your favorite, broken-in jeans but had the timelessness of fine couture. To be true to the company name and the energy Funair and Londono believe the color provides, every collection has pieces from the orange palate.

Florida Style, Worldly Appeal
Orangia?s line has the hallmarks of Miami fashion: bright colors, soft fabrics and bold prints. But don?t confuse the label with beachwear. Orangia is for bold women who live their lives ?in full color.? The designers each bring their own flair to the company. Funair contributes her design expertise from years of designing for labels such as Sweet Pea and Eberley. Londono, an award-winning graphic designer, designs the print fabrics.

Eco-Friendly Can Be Fashionable
In keeping with its comfortable yet cutting edge image, Orangia has recently moved toward using organic fibers in its all-natural silk, cotton and linen collections.

Fashion Design School Is the Foundation
The fashion business is highly competitive, and if you want to enjoy the successes of Funair and Londono, studying at a reputable fashion design school is a step in the right direction. Whether your vision is to create a line with natural fabrics and bold colors, or work with vinyl and plastics, the right education can help you find success. Classes in textiles can help you find your favorite medium and pattern-making courses can help you bring your vision to life. Don?t forget the importance of the business side of the industry. Courses in fashion merchandising and manufacturing can help you foster your vision to success.