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Maximum Style with Minimalist Fashion Designs

by Marianne Salina
Fashion Career Center Columnist

Let's face it: fashion designs for the last two years have strayed from tailored, muted looks and have instead plunged into the colorful, whimsical world of La Bohemia. Unfortunately, for the sake of diversity within the apparel design industry, few fashion designers have attempted to disrupt the flowery neo-hippie trend, and have instead indulged every angle of the boho fetish with slouchy, patterned frocks and oversized sweaters galore.

But several new designers are helping to breathe an air of refreshing simplicity with minimalist designs-adding new dimension and perspective within the trend-saturated industry.

Less is More: Cut-Outs and Shape Dictate Design
Having studied in a top New York fashion design school, Lauren Felton is introducing a new approach to the construction of a garment. "I deal with the shape in multiple dimensions: through seaming and volume, in relief cut outs, as negative shape, and then also through layering, like a topographical map." Felton's fashion line is structured from a series of thin, hand-dyed lace jersey-a fluid material that places emphasis on dimension and allows the cutouts to reveal different layers of clothing or simply skin.

Fashion Design School and Apprenticeships Yield Successful Career
Possessing an art school background, Felton brought an understanding of theory, form, and function to her fashion design school experience. She has also successfully resisted the trends dictated by the runway and has instead claimed minimalist fashion design as her own creative space. Additionally, Felton worked under ultra-minimalist designer Maria Cornejo-a stint that helped Felton to ultimately launch her first line.

Design School Keeps Fashion in Evolution
It's easy for fashion to fall into a rut. Knock-off designs and trend-hungry consumers tend to force retailers into a mass of assimilated styles and options. Bringing new talent into the industry, and more importantly, new design perspectives, is precisely what keeps the market fresh and to some degree, unpredictable.

Fashion design school gives you the needed tools to play your part in the evolution of apparel design. Just as Felton quite literally carves away the excess in fashion, you too can determine how your vision will shape the next phase of design.

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About the Author
Marianne Salina has a B.A. in Literature and Creative Writing and enjoys researching and discussing the myriad of fashion design pursuits in her columns.