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Short Story: Fashion Designer Gives Leg-Revealing Garment a Makeover

by Marianne Salina

In southern California, where residents are often rendered languid in the hot summer sun, the best approach for dressing is generally a minimalist one. Skirts, bathing suits and tank tops are all favored as optimal choices when the temperature rises, but while these items yield appropriate ventilation, their casual look often categorizes them as strictly beachwear attire. But ever since fashion designer Kristen Johnson entered the Hollywood scene in 2004, Californians have reveled in a shorts revolution, soaking up the sun in Johnson?s highly stylized shorts.

Experimenting with Suiting Yields the Perfect Shorts
Johnson?s always had a fetish for vintage fabrics and has practiced for years cutting up and sewing together men?s thrift store pants into women?s garments. She began a careful study of how different suiting worked in her patterns and found that top quality Italian and French wools finished with vintage silk is the ideal combination for women?s shorts.

What makes her shorts unique? Besides each pair of shorts being different from the other, Johnson uses antique buttons and designs with varying lengths to give her shorts their individualized, sophisticated appeal.

Discovering a Hidden Market
Johnson?s designs occupy a unique niche in the market, providing a high-end solution for women who desire dressy-casual style in the dog days of summer. Not only has she captured a summer look that celebrities like Kate Moss and Mischa Barton have gobbled up, Johnson also made the wise decision to team up with manufacturing expert Sung Yun Cho to help her build recognition. Together they have created ?Just Johnson? the fashion label synonymous with hip and trendy shorts.

Fashion Design School -- Let Location Be Your Guide
As a longtime California resident, designing clothing that suited the climate was a natural for Johnson. When you attend design school, location is an important factor to consider, as you will often find that the clothing needs and style trends are dictated by the weather and cultures of particular regions. California: The West Coast Fashion Designer?s Choice
If you are looking for a fashion design school that embodies the west coast?s sense of style, look no further than California. Who knows? Maybe yours will be the next clothing revolution.

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About the Author
Marianne Salina has a B.A. in Literature and Creative Writing and enjoys researching and discussing the myriad of fashion design pursuits in her columns.