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Las Vegas Fashion Schools: Green Design in the Desert

by Joe Cooper
Fashion Career Center Columnist

Fashion designers may require two things: a degree in fashion and the opportunity to showcase their designs.

Vegas' Fashion Scene
Las Vegas, home to some of the world's largest and most luxurious hotels, also boasts several professional organizations and support networks for designers. Earlier this year, fashion designer Julia O'Connor worked with the ECO Trade Show organizer Howard Gabe to produce a fashion show at the strip's Venetian Hotel. The show featured the work of many fashion design school students charged with the goal of creating "cruelty-free" designs (garments involving no cruelty to animals). For four days, a hall at the Venetian was filled with student designs, all of them cruelty-free.

Designing in Las Vegas
O'Connor has found Las Vegas a great place to advance her career in fashion design. After tackling Los Angeles, she moved to Vegas to pursue freelancing opportunities there, and says there can often be a shortage of fashion freelancers in the desert city.

She has also been a large supporter of "green design" throughout her career, which explains her presentation at the ECO Trade Show. Learning green design, among other things, is a great reason to attend fashion design school in a city like Las Vegas, as more clients warm to the idea, and even request it from designers.

A good knowledge of the fashion industry is important to stay current and maintain a steady client base. Fashion design school can provide an excellent opportunity to establish this background, while networks of fashion design colleagues, instructors, and other professionals can help keep design school graduates sharp while working in the professional world.


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