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Why Fashion Designer Jeffery Sebelia Won Project Runway

by Marianne Salina
Fashion Career Center Columnist

The season finale of Project Runway has officially come and gone and in its wake we are left with one winner: Mr. Jeffery Sebelia of Los Angeles, California. In the interest of learning from a fashion designer who is now achieving his dream, it is critical to ask the question: Why did Jeffery win? The answer lies in tale of artistic passion, fashion design training at a local California school, and a collection inspired by none other than rock and roll and street savvy?a true recipe for success.

Edgy LA Roots Meet Fashion Design Education
Tattoos and a battle with drug addiction may comprise Sebelia?s tough exterior, but appearances can be deceiving. The LA native also has a deep passion for music and handling a needle and thread. He says of his initial taste of fashion design training, ?As soon as I started sewing, I knew I was meant to do it.? His furtive interest in pattern-making, fabric, and an edgy, street-wise sensibility led him to begin designing his own label, Cosa Nostra?a line that has been compared to Vivienne Westwood?s own punk-inspired collection.

Sebelia?s Designs Resonate with the Current Fashion Movement
Of course it would be impossible to illuminate the precise reason for Sebelia?s success but it?s safe to say that his stronghold in popular culture, music, and LA?a place where many believe west coast culture originates?informed his final victory at the New York Fashion Week. After all, the style of the moment is deeply reflective of 80?s punk rock roots, and Sebelia?s designs embrace this trend.

If Not Project Runway, Perhaps LA
While making it into the cast of Bravo?s Project Runway is a great leap for any hopeful fashion designer, finding your artistic pulse in the community of Los Angeles may be just the trick to get your career started. Fashion design school in LA gives you immediate access to the trends and coastal influences that shape any artistic vision. It may not be the runway, but it?s the first step.

Jeffery Sebelia Wins Project Runway