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Geek Chic: She-Tech is Georgia's Answer to Drab Tech Accessories

by Elizabeth Armentor

When custom-clothing designer Patricia Joseph moved to Atlanta, she decided a career change was in order and she became a web designer. Unfortunately, the tech bust came soon after and Patricia decided that as much as she enjoyed web design, it was time for another career change. Although web design is creative, Joseph missed the thrill of conceiving and carrying out her own designs. By combining her tech and design experiences, she was in the perfect position to fill a niche market. Before She-Tech, laptop cases were almost always made of drab, black nylon.

Wired Fashion Inspired by Georgia's Techies
She-Tech's line includes well-padded laptop clutches and totes made of supple leather with contrasting trim. Although Atlanta's burgeoning tech sector seems to have inspired Joseph to found She-Tech, laptop computers are increasingly being used by women in many different occupations such as, writing, sales and architecture. When Joseph started She-Tech, she made sure to get feedback from fashionable tech-savvy women about what they wanted to use to tote their gear.

Learn About Accessories in Fashion Design School
Nothing pulls together a look like the right accessories. The right belt, jewelry, handbag, or laptop bag can make the difference between a woman looking great and looking spectacular. By taking accessory design courses, you can learn about construction, fabrication and proper proportion of high fashion accessories. In textiles courses, you will learn about how to use fabrics and materials in accessory construction.

Learn How to Find Your Niche in Fashion Design School
In addition to taking courses in drawing, textiles, and construction, you can also take classes that will help you understand the fashion industry. By taking classes about fashion as a business, you will learn how to determine where your artistic vision and your life experiences fit into the marketplace. Patricia Joseph studied the needs of the women in the Georgia tech industry specifically, and of tech-oriented women in general, when she founded She-Tech. She combined her design skills with that research to make a functional, fashionable accessory. Fashion merchandising courses can help you learn how to present a complete look, including accessories.