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Fashion Trends Fly in Los Angeles

by Amelia Gray
Fashion Career Center Columnist

Fashion design school students should always have their fingers on the pulse of local fashion. For aspiring designers in Los Angeles, CA, there's a lot to keep up with.

Keeping up with local, national, and international trends is essential in the fashion design world, particularly in a market like Los Angeles, the west coast's fashion hub. As if in defiance of New York's chic offerings, designers often flock to Los Angeles to create haute couture for celebrities, along with a variety of red-carpet designs for fashionistas around the world.

A Critic Takes to the Web
In Los Angeles, aspiring and established designers work for the attention of Booth Moore, fashion critic for the Los Angeles Times and voice of the West Coast fashion world. "The first couple of days at the Paris fashion shows are always a thrill," she writes in her blog, "The world is my runway...It's like we've slogged through an entire basketball season, and it's finally tournament time."

Moore casts a critical eye on big designers like Chanel and waxes speculative on the future of the fashion industry. "There has been a lot of talk here about the Italian fashion industry's inability to regenerate itself," she writes. "The dearth of new blood is bringing into question Milan's power to set trends, and its future as a style capital." For all her talk of Milan and Paris, however, Moore proves Los Angeles' distinction as a true fashion capital; she's in a position to critique the fashion world, even while Los Angeles fashion designers reinvent it.

Upstart Designers Watch Trends
Watching trends is a smart move for fashion and accessory designers in Los Angeles, where a rising hemline or changing color palette can make or break an entire collection. Fashion design school students should pay particular attention to the styles showcased at Los Angeles Fashion Week, where designers, marketers, and media gather for a week in October to preview the fashions that will turn heads in the coming year. Between the runway shows and the critical reviews, it's a wonder that fashion designers in Los Angeles have any time to work on their seasonal collections.


About the Author :
Amelia Gray is a teacher and freelance writer based in San Marcos, Texas. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in English Literature from Arizona State University.