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Fashion Designs for New Moms: Say Farewell to Frumpy!

by Marianne Salina
Fashion Career Center Columnist

We?ve become accustomed to the images of svelte, young models showcasing the latest trends in fashion design, but what about cutting-edge clothing for expectant mothers? Not long ago, maternity apparel was relegated to only a few select staples, many of which were baggy, unflattering, and least of all, fashionable. Fortunately, much of this has changed.

We now see mothers-to-be wearing beautiful fabrics in flattering cuts and styles?fashion designs that allow women to feel comfortable and confident during their pregnancy. New York fashion designer, Liz Lange, has been at the forefront of creating beautiful maternity wear since 1997 and continues to be the name that expectant mothers trust.

Building a Fashion Career, Providing a Solution
Lange?s interest in fashion design began early on and was only broadened when she joined the fashion staff at Vogue Magazine. It wasn?t until many of Lange?s close friends began getting pregnant, however, that Lange took an interest in maternity design. The common complaint among her friends was that maternity wear was simply unattractive. It was in the interest of solving this fashion dilemma that Lange began designing, opening Liz Lange Maternity in 1997.

Growing Fashion Design in New Directions
By combining a high fashion sensibility and a clear understanding of what the market was lacking, Lange now successfully dominates the maternity world. With a new line designed specifically for Target, her own online store, several boutiques in New York and California, and most recently, her own book, Liz Lange?s Maternity Style: How to Look Fabulous During the Most Fashion-Challenged Time, it is clear that this designer understands marketing as much as she does design.

Fashion Design School in New York: Bridging Education and Inspiration
Navigating the fashion design market successfully takes talent, determination, and the ability to sell your product. In fashion design school, not only do you learn the essential tenants of craft and technique, you also learn how the business of fashion works. And what better place to reap the benefits of a design education than ever-fashionable New York City? Aside from fashion houses and designer boutiques, you will have the opportunity to live where cutting-edge trends originate. Check out fashion design programs today!

Liz Lange

About the Author
Marianne Salina has a B.A. in Literature and Creative Writing and enjoys researching and discussing the myriad of fashion design pursuits in her columns.