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L.A.'s Emmy Awards Red Carpet Will Be Red Hot This Summer

by Elizabeth Armentor
Fashion Career Center Columnist

When snarky comedians like Joan and Melissa Rivers started scrutinizing award show fashions on E! Television, actresses who didn't want to risk being labeled a red carpet disaster began relying more and more on professional stylists to help them look their best at the important awards shows. And, for a fashion-forward guy or gal, the challenge of creating a red carpet smash can be irresistible.

The stylist has a tricky job. She or he has to balance a distinctive, fashionable look that works with the client's usual style. Consider Gwyneth Paltrow's princess look from the Oscars in 1999 versus her "Goth gone wrong" look in 2003 as studies in contrast.

Funky chic from Angela Johnson Designs

This year for the Emmys, stylists also have three additional sources of stress:

  • An unseasonably hot L.A. summer
  • The biggest Fall 2006 trends are velvet and fur
  • The European design houses basically taking the summer off

A good stylist will gracefully leap these hurdles, and more.

Fashion Design School Can Pave Your Way to Becoming a Style Maven
Some stylists don't have formal training in fashion, but most do. When it comes to fashion design school, coursework in visual and fashion merchandising are beneficial to an aspiring stylist. Fashion show production courses help you learn how to put together a complete look: from hair to dress to accessories. And, you'll learn about how lights and other environmental factors affect the package. Business courses tailored to fashion majors are also important. How else are you to learn that Milan closes up shop and goes to Lake Como in August? Textile courses can teach you about which fabrics work well in summer climates and how to layer different textures for changing temperatures.

Stylists create outfits for which every detail will be picked apart and praised or panned. Finding one that is comfortable and appropriate for your client is part science, part art and part luck. Getting training from a good fashion design school can be invaluable.

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