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Fashion Design School and High End Retail Help Boston Thrive

by Marianne Salina
Fashion Career Center Columnist

Boston is slowly shedding its preppy, buttoned-up sense of style to try on fashion designs with a bit more New York and European flair. Long recognized as a haven of conservative dress, housing retailers like Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers, Boston is now opening its city walls to names like Valentino, Jimmy Choo, and Barneys New York in addition to many fledgling designers fresh out of fashion design school.

It's "the tip of the iceberg," as fashion designer Lucy Sykes sees it, "and something is about to happen here." Sykes is accustomed to designing in New York but recently came to Boston to give her boutique a try in a different market. With Boston's new openness to a more cutting edge fashion experience, Sykes has successfully opened two stores, attracting fashion-conscious women from around town.

Fashion Design Schools in Boston Produce Great Talent
Boston is home to several leading fashion design schools known for producing talented, progressive designers. It also has a unique history in the fashion design world, as it was one of the premier manufacturing centers for clothing before New York became the enduring fashion powerhouse of the East Coast. But while Boston will never offer the same shopping experience or fashion-obsessed culture that New York is recognized for, it is rapidly taking notice of the value and importance of promoting its designers and the city is making a concerted effort to support its local talent.

A Well-Traveled City Brings Diversity to Fashion Design
We all recognize Boston as one of the premier college cities in the United States, boasting names like Harvard, MIT, and Boston University. Along with the prestigious schools comes a diverse body of students who flock to Boston's shopping districts and create a demand for unique, cutting-edge fashions.

It Isn't New York; It's Boston!
But with all of the fashion design schools in New York, why choose Boston? While it's never easy living beneath someone's shadow, the great thing about Boston is that it doesn't need to compete with its neighboring metropolis. Boston is its own body of culture and as it slowly sheds its old, conservative habits of dress, a brand new, inspired sense of fashion is making this city an even more inspiring place to live.

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