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Border-Crossing and Time-Traveling in Fashion Design

by Marianne Salina

As its name suggests, Ports 1961 is a clothing company inspired by travel and cultural antiquity, made accessible to the modern consumer. Originating in 1961 in Canada as an "affordable luxury" brand, the company has since been refurbished and is now a key player in the fashion industry, sharing a top-tier slot with names like Chanel and Prada. Under the creative direction of world traveler Tia Cibani, Ports 1961 uses fashion design as a vehicle to export its wearer into different countries and ancient pasts.

Modern Makeover
Ports 1961 focuses on providing its customer with luxurious craftsmanship, an ideal that has been the core of their business since its inception. But in the early 1990s, Ports experienced a faltering within the industry and retreated to China, where it underwent a bit of a makeover.

Now the company's line for spring 2007 boasts a vibrant creative vision, highlighting 1940s Argentinean glamour. Warm, sensual colors, tulle and silks, and details like waxed rope and raffia distinguish the clothing of Ports 1961 not only as beautiful garments but also as period pieces, reflecting a different era and an escape into the past.

The Creative Director--A Key Player in Fashion Design
Needless to say, Cibani's role as creative director at Ports 1961 has not only shifted the image of the company, it has also helped it to achieve greater success and recognition along the way. Her experience studying at fashion design school gave her the formative experience that was needed to tackle tasks like managing the company's design direction and staying abreast of fashion trends.

Fashion Design School: A Bevy of Career Choices
Cibani?s role as a creative director means that she not only sketches patterns and dreams up design ideas, she is also responsible for the philosophy of the brand and the theme that is woven throughout each piece. Fashion design school offers you the instruction you need to have choices within the industry--whether it's working in design, production, management, or sales. For Cibani, fashion design is about travel and telling a story. What is it about for you?

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