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UK's Latest Fashion Design Trend: Luxury Knits

by Marianne Salina

How do you manage to find fashion inspiration in cold, foggy weather? If you glimpse the latest trends in the UK, intricate yarns and innovative knitting techniques are a sure sign that overcast skies aren't all bad. Some of London's most recent fashion design school graduates are introducing their innovative approaches to knitwear, adding intrigue to the ever-popular sweater. Buyers beware: this isn't your grandmother's cardigan.

UK's Latest Fashion Design Trend

A Timeless Tradition
Whether we're talking about a chunky, wool, roll next sweater or a fine gauge slinky dress, fashion design wouldn't be nearly as creative or colorful without the art of knitting. Fortunately, as UK fashion designers Claire Tough and Laura Long have discovered, knitwear is just as much about function as it is form.

New Designers on the Block
Fashion design school graduate Claire Tough took knitting in a new direction when she began experimenting with bold colored yards and a combination of textures using machine, hand-knit, and crocheting to complete her pieces. Imagine sexy, colorful, woven dresses with a modern flair--looks so innovative that Vogue has proclaimed them ?the future of British fashion.?

Fellow British local, Laura Long proves that knitting can produce an opposite effect to the ultra-modern look with her romantic, vintage collection. She finds her inspiration in Degas' ballet paintings, using yarn colors that are soft and airy shades of blue and coral. She has also added vintage beads and bits of embroidery to her knitwear to complete the gentle, Impressionist appeal.

Fashion Design School Explores Variation
Claire and Laura have successfully expanded the art of knitting into a broader range of looks and styles. Building upon the timeless craft of knitting, they have both added their own range of colors, shape, texture, and detailing to produce collections that reflect the evolving concepts and theories of today's freshest designers.

Studying fashion design teaches you traditional techniques so that eventually you can experiment and create your own new methods and styles. Make it your job to keep fashion surprising so that even in the doldrums of winter, at least your clothes will inspire.

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