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Las Vegas Fashion Schools: Green Design in the Desert

Green design and glamorous spaces are a just few of the things that Las Vegas offers the fashion industry.

New York's Indie Fashion Scene Thrives

Use an education in fashion design to break into the thriving New York fashion scene.

Hot Design Thrives in New Hampshire

See how two New Hampshire fashion design houses made it big. Can fashion design school advance your own career?

Fashion Trends Fly in Los Angeles

Fashion designers in Los Angeles create couture for fashion-conscious celebrities around the world. Discover the changing look of this international fashion destination.

Nashville Fashion Bands Together

The fashion climate is heating up in Nashville. Discover how fashion design school can help get you in on this growing scene.

Designing a Fashion Career in Chicago

Learning the business of fashion in Chicago is a great career idea. Find out how a fashion design degree can launch your career.

Bill Blass: Timeless American Style

From the Summit City to the Big Apple, see how one Fort Wayne, IN, resident made it big in the fashion world and what fashion design school students can learn from Bill Blass.

From Tokyo to Hartford

See how two fashion designers translated their passion for Japanese-influenced clothing into a local phenomenon.

Fashion Design School and High End Retail Help Boston Thrive

Boston may not be as fashion-focused as its neighbor New York, but that doesn't mean it falls short in producing unique, talented designers. Boston's fashion design schools offer their students diversity, culture, and a city that craves less conservative fashions.

Costumes and Couture in Charlotte

Fashion designers in The Queen City combine taste and travesty in order to thrill their clientele.

Stars and Splash! in St. Louis

See how harnessing an unlikely market in St. Louis proved profitable for two young St. Louis residents, and how one of fashion's hottest stars rose to fame in the city.

A British Legend Calls the Shots in the U.S.

The Editor-in-Chief of Vogue never holds her tongue when it comes to fashion design.

Eco-Friendly Fashion in Las Vegas

Sin City may be a surprising destination for a revolution in green design, but new and established designers alike are catching onto this environmentally friendly trend.

Furs and Fashion Design a Huge Hit in Aspen, Colorado

Growing a successful fashion design career is not only a way to make money, but it also gives you the influence and affluence to support important humanitarian causes!

Return of the Cowboy: Denver Western Wear Keeps Fashion Design Authentic

The Wild West made a lasting impression on fashion design after all. With cowboy clothing's resurgence in the market the fashion design challenge is to reinvent old looks without the frills of the high fashion world.

Trends and Tips in Toronto's Vibrant Fashion Community

Design schoolers note: one non-profit group and one incubator are changing the face of fashion in Toronto.

California Fashion Design Makes Waves

Young designers in California give fashion design a fresh new look for every season

Designing Women: Inside the Fashion World of Canadian Sisters

Fashion design school helped the Beckerman sisters get recognized, but thrift, marketing, and savvy design strategy are helping to make their label a success.

Designer Gives New Orleans High Fashion Bridal Makeover

Fashion design dreams can be realized--regardless of where you call home. For New Orleans' native Suzanne Perron, a world of options and opportunities awaited her talent when she graduated from fashion design school.

Fashion Rocks in Seattle

Fashion in Seattle means more these days than flannel and ripped jeans. See how the home of grunge has cleaned up its act.

San Francisco Sheds New Light on California Fashion Design

Thinking about fashion design school in California? LA isn't the only option! San Francisco boasts some of the most sophisticated styles on the West Coast--with designer talent to prove it.

High Class Atlanta Fashion

This international city is experiencing a renaissance of fashion design, making it one of the most exciting places for fashion in the country.

Fashion Design for London's Neu Rave Scene

How can cartoons and neon colors make up a successful fashion design label? With fashion design school training and a loyal market.there is a way.

Luxury Names Rely on Fashion Design School Talent

Looking for the link between business and fashion design? Look no further than New York, where fashion design school students are striving to keep the luxury market ahead of the curve.

Cleveland's Fashion Craft Pushes Boundaries

In Northeast Ohio, emerging artists prove that cutting-edge fashion doesn't have to be relegated to the coasts.

New Jersey: High Fashion with a Lower Rent

So close, and yet so far? New Jersey may only be a train ride away from the fashion capital of the east coast, but Jersey fashion has its own smart style.

New York Leads a Fashionable Nation

When this fashion capital marks a trend, the world listens.

Maximum Style with Minimalist Fashion Designs

Forget frilly fashion design.the new look is one of minimal fuss. Bring your ideas, and let fashion design school give you the direction you need to succeed.

Pennsylvania Designer Shelly Steffee Explores the Deeper Side of Fashion

Fashion design doesn't come exclusively from designers in New York. Shelly Steffee proves that culture is a critical component in any piece.

Portland Craves The Unusual

See how one Portland designer uses her eclectic style to appeal to a diverse consumer base.

Phoenix Takes on High Fashion

Phoenix's Second Annual Fashion Week is a way for young designers to get a foothold in the fashion industry.

Denver Design Keeps It Cool

Check out how Colorado designers mix style with substance in this mile-high city.

Portland Fashion Designers: Independent to a Fault?

Can Portland's fiercely independent fashion designers make their mark on the international market without formal training? While a lucky few often slide through the door, fashion design school is a smarter move.

Canada's Preloved Fashion Designs Give Vintage a Twist

Can a hideous dress from an ancient era find new life? Thanks to Preloved, the hippest name in Toronto fashion design, the astonishing answer is yes!

Texas Takes Fashion Design to a Whole New Level

If you thought Texas was all big hair and rodeos, think again! Fashion design is hitting the lone star state in a big way.

Midwestern Stiletto Dreams Realized in the Big Apple

The world of fashion design isn't limited to the big names in New York or Paris?it also welcomes the talented dreamers from St. Louis, Missouri.

Bold Fashion in the Windy City

Chicago fashion design schools teach students to adapt to their environment--something essential to the climate and style of this All-American city.

Sunny Miami Fashion

Fashion design schools inspire Florida?s brightest designers to use bold floral prints and a sunny beach influence in their pieces.

Fashion Designs for New Moms: Say Farewell to Frumpy!

Being pregnant shouldn?t force women to compromise their sense of style and Liz Lange couldn?t agree more. Find out how her maternity designs have made a huge impact in the fashion market.

Why Fashion Designer Jeffery Sebelia Won Project Runway

The results are in: Jeffery Sebelia is Project Runway?s most recent victor. But how did this punk rock rebel make his way to the winner?s circle of fashion design in the first place?

"Texas Chic" Inspires a Fashion Revolution

Designers in Texas combine classic style with Western accents for a look all its own. Learn how Texas fashion design schools get you in the saddle.

Fashion Stylist Rachel Zoe: Hollywood's Trendsetter

With red-carpet exposure saturating every fashion magazine on the newsstand, the work of celebrity stylists is now a coveted role in the industry. Rachel Zoe proves how one woman can change the face of fashion.

Short Story: Fashion Designer Gives Leg-Revealing Garment a Makeover

Who knew shorts could be so fashion-forward? Apparently designer Kristen Johnson had a sneaking suspicion, as her shorts are now the object of desire for sun goddesses everywhere.

Hats Off to Chicago, Illinois

If you love hats, take heart that designers in Chicago, Illinois are working to preserve the art of millinery design.

Miami's Orangia: The Joyful Air of Fashion

Funky and natural Florida-based label Orangia embodies the fun side of fashion. The right fashion design school can help you find your unique vision.

Border-Crossing and Time-Traveling in Fashion Design

Fashion design goes to many places, as clothing company Ports 1961 illustrates in its "global village"-inspired line. Creative director Tia Cibani takes us on a journey filled with vintage glamour and cultural flair.

Norwalk Fashion Week: Connecticut Keeps Pace with the Big Fashion Centers

Attending Fashion Week in Norwalk, Connecticut is a learning experience that will give you the education and exposure you need as a fashion design school student.

Betsey Johnson Keeps the Free Spirit Alive in Fashion Design

Turning the basic cocktail dress into something memorable is exactly how Betsey Johnson built her fashion design career. How will you build yours?

Geek Chic: She-Tech is Georgia's Answer to Drab Tech Accessories

Fashion design school isn't just about the clothes. Learn how Georgia-based She-Tech was founded to provide fashionable accessories for the tech savvy woman.

Colorado's Winter Sport Fashion Debut: Adidas By Stella McCartney

Colorado?s snowy slopes and rustic beauty were home to this season?s most exciting winter event yet: Stella?s winter sport fashion festival. Thanks to Adidas and McCartney, sports are sexy again.

Perfectly Imperfect Fashion Design: Earnest Sewn Jeans

Whoever said imperfection isn?t fashionable has never met Scott Morrison, creator of Earnest Sewn Jeans. For this fashion designer, the flaws are the making of a fabulous pair of jeans.

An Urban Legend: A Retailer Finds Fashion Success

We've all seen it. Somewhere, right in the middle of a big city, an Urban Outfitters is clogged with fashion hungry customers. Find out why the famous retailer has found such sweet success.

UK's Latest Fashion Design Trend: Luxury Knits

Sweaters are so much a wardrobe staple that at times they border the realm of boring. But with new UK fashion designers knitting up a storm, knitwear is now anything but.

Crocs, Inc.: Colorado's Fashion Merchandising Phenomenon

A colorful resin shoe that resembles a crocodile's snout has dethroned UGG boots as the ugly shoe to own in a brilliant marketing coup.

L.A.'s Emmy Awards Red Carpet Will Be Red Hot This Summer

California's top stylists have their work cut out for them; Television's top red carpet event happens three weeks earlier than usual this year.

Arizona Fashion Foundation: The Latest Resource in Independent Fashion Design

Afraid you can't have a career after fashion design school if you don't live in Paris, Milan or New York? Take a page from Arizona's Angela Johnson's portfolio and start a fashion scene of your own.

Poleci: California's Fashion Design Powerhouse

Sometimes a little California dreamin' and some fashion design talent really do pay off. At least that's how Poleci came to be. Learn how fashion design school can help put your name on the map.

Designing Drawers: London's Favorite Lingerie Ladies

Luxurious lingerie or ballroom gowns--fashion design school has a place for every artistic vision. Learn how two London moms designed knockout knickers that everyone loves.